Informal meetings over time have developed into something special for four artists whose work centres around paper. A binding group principle is to ensure high quality visitor experiences, events or exhibitions in response to the space, ethos and values of a host setting. Initially this collaboration led to a highly-rated four-artist group exhibition in February 2015, followed by further exhibitions including guest artists that have been touring galleries throughout 2015. Paper Scissors Stone: Taking Paper Beyond the Page, are title and original theme for their imaginative and thought-provoking body of work based around altered books, interpretations of paper, mixed media, language and much more.

Janie Graham brings discarded books back to life in her intricate yet playful sculptures that just shout craftsmanship and attention to detail. Communication, meaning and sub-texts are deeply explored by Jo Howe in the fragmented and reworked books or other print media that take on entirely new forms in her capable hands. Through the medium of text, letters and language, Mark L’Argent creates textural word-pictures that evoke mood and atmosphere. Chris Lee interprets shapes and textures using fibre, stitch, and papers. Caroline Lumb continues her love of all things paper, including hand-dyed papers, additionally melding these with paintings and other materials. Language, calligraphic imagery and colour fields, alongside newspaper tapestries form the basis for Hillary Taylor’s drawings and mixed media work. ‘Taking Paper Beyond the Page’ truly is a cohesive collection from these artists in response to the gallery setting.

When asked about Paper Scissors Stone Hillary also gave this explanation. “Each of us has directly or indirectly worked with the others over the years. Sometimes we have worked together in smaller groups but our paths were often more parallel than planned. In 2014 we started more actively to work together, using specific themes or ideas to challenge our practice and we’re delighted in the outcome that has become Paper Scissors Stone. I have long admired both Jo’s complex use of books to provoke personal responses, Mark’s interpretations of colour and calligraphy, and Janie’s absorbing and symbolic images. At the same time it extends my longer term collaboration with Caroline Lumb and Chris Lee.” she says “There is yet more in the pipeline for our group in 2016 and beyond. It has taken time to be able to co-ordinate schedules between us, but I can say that it’s a privilege work with this group developing Paper Scissors Stone from initial concept to delivery, now and into the future.”



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